6 reviews for Gorillaz Hand With The Rising Thumb Shirt

  1. Allison Palmer (verified owner)

    This shirt is amazingly comfy. 10/10 would recommend. Have washed it plenty of times and the print is still fresh.

  2. Chris P (verified owner)

    Buy your regular size. Top fits perfectly and does not shrink in the dryer! Win- Win!

  3. Sassy Fratz (verified owner)

    This was a birthday gift for my bf. He loved it it fits him great and is a good material. U may want to size up bc it did shink a little but it still fits him

  4. Isabella M. Powell (verified owner)

    This T-shirt said it all, really nice, comfy and wording is perfect!

  5. Butterfly (verified owner)

    Love the shirt, it looks awesome and fits great.

  6. Chris P (verified owner)

    Everything was great about it i had no problems, the color was as expected in the picture, the material was good and not cheap, it also fits well, and the delivery was fast, Its most definitely worth buying.

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