5 reviews for Guns N Roses Cross Shirt

  1. Shellsncheese (verified owner)

    Love the print. Its not too bright so I can wear it without being too in your face.

  2. SavannahGarcia (verified owner)

    I bought this on prime day since it was discounted and overall it has been great. Worn it pretty often and hasnt faded or been damaged from constant washing. Would recommend.

  3. Annastasia Morgan (verified owner)

    Bought this shirt for a company function and was happy with the overall fit and quality of the shirt.

  4. Thomas J. Gallant (verified owner)

    I love wearing this product. It’s super comfortable and it fits so well. The print is vibrant and easily readable. Would absolutely recommend to a friend. Worth the money.

  5. Chris Ritter (verified owner)

    Really like the quality of the material, size was right on and the color was good!

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