5 reviews for Kansas Song for America 1975 Tour Reissue Shirt

  1. Allyssa (verified owner)

    My husband liked it so much he bought a second one just like it in case one gets dirty.

  2. Carol Jackson (verified owner)

    The shirt is comfortable and true to size, but I prefer brighter colors.

  3. Linda S. Amaral (verified owner)

    The t-shirt had good picture quality and fit was perfect to size. It was also comfortable to wear. This item was gifted to my husband which he loved.

  4. Linda S. Amaral (verified owner)

    I bought for my husband and he really loves these tshirts. They’re soft and breathable . Will buy again

  5. RCRugg (verified owner)

    All way round I’m pleased with this t-shirt. The print is just like the picture.

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