7 reviews for Snoopy Woodstock Couch Beagle 80s Shirt

  1. JamesGreen (verified owner)

    Looks exactly as pictured. Soft and bright image. Love it. Runs true to size. Happy with my purchase

  2. Melanie B. (verified owner)

    Quality material, comfortable fit, cool graphics! I would totally buy again.

  3. Brandon Springer (verified owner)

    The picture on the t-shirt it has not faded or began to peel and it has been washed over 25 times by now. The fit was overall true to size. Was a nice little gift.

  4. HollyBerry (verified owner)

    Very well packed and the shirt it self is thick and i really like the design. Very happy with the shirt and will get more soon. Thanks

  5. Sue Marlow (verified owner)

    I bought this t-shirt for my wife. She loves it. Good quality shirt. Thanks.

  6. O. Lowro (verified owner)

    Bought this for my brother for christmas, its a good quality shirt, looks great. Im sure he will love it.

  7. EthanBrown (verified owner)

    Great quality and it ran true to size. I have one and bought one as a gift, for a family member, and she loved it also! Lots of fun compliments!

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